Features and Controversy

When you’re researching or shopping in http://homeairguides.com/¬†for air purifiers, there are a few important things to consider regarding the features. First, the more features the unit has, generally speaking, the more costly. However, you must also take into consideration the volume of air the purifier processes. This is usually measured in “per hour” units.

air purifier There is some recent controversy surrounding claims that air purifiers can prevent asthma and kill bacteria. More studies are needed to qualify some of the claims, as some of the reported function by purifiers that use ultraviolet light might be overstated or inaccurate. Some consumers swear by the air purifiers that produce ozone; however, at least one attorney general and some consumer groups have warned the public that ozone in many cases can be more harmful than helpful.

Requirements and Cost

Whether you want to buy a whole house model or something smaller, such as an individual room or a desktop model for a work area, the prices will vary widely. Keep in mind that whole house models are going to represent the most costly option, dependent upon the square footage of your home or business, but they will also provide the best in functionality.

Smaller models that sit on your desktop can have the advantage of being highly portable, so you can move them around the home or business as needed for task work or when more than one person is sharing their use. These offer significantly lower cost options than the larger, house servicing models.